Stop the guessing (checklist for artists)

I’ve been following Alyson Stanfield at Art Biz Coach for some time now and trust her to know artists and what we need. As a result of her 14+ years helping artists grow their businesses and careers, Alyson has developed a Must-Have Checklist for Your Successful Art... read more

How to Start a Local Accountability Group

How to Start a Local Accountability Group Here’s a question that came up yesterday at my speech “Milk It! (How to Get Everything You Can Out of Being in an Artwalk!” at the Beverly Art Alliance. I mentioned that I’m in a group where we state our goals each month at... read more

Year in Review and Goal Setting

Nothing like the day after Christmas to start reflecting on the past year and start setting goals for next year, right? As always, Alyson Stanfield, the Art Biz Coach’s blog has a list of really terrific questions for you to answer:... read more

Booth Advice from Luann Udell

It’s that time of year – lots of holiday craft shows! Doing some last minute tweaks to your booth design? Here are two books about booth design from blogger Luann Udell, one of my favorite jewelry/business of crafts bloggers. GOOD BOOTHS GONE BAD Create the best... read more
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