by Elaine Luther

Great news! You can now buy on line from PMC Tool and Supply! If you don’t recognize the name, you may still recognize the products. This is the website of Chris Darway, metalsmith and PMC guy extraordinaire.

The site is

Chris was the very first company out to invent new tools exclusively for the PMC market. Way back at the 2002 PMC Conference, he was there with the then new PMC Extender Liquid, kiln shelves and a saggar kit. He has continued to invent new products just for the PMC market.

Congrats to Chris for getting on line!

Check out his site, great products, plus tips and tricks. If you like to weave paper type metal clay, look at his gang blade, specifically made to cut strips of paper type for weaving. I’ve tried it and it works better than cutting the old fashioned way for getting straights strips.

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