Piggy Bank

Ah, I left out an important part. So you’ve done everything I suggested in my previous post. You’ve read everything, you’ve seen every video, and you’re ready for more, yet still young and broke.

Consider applying for a scholarship, or work study, or a studio assistantship at art camp for grown ups, such as Arrowmont or John C. Campbell Folk School. Most of the schools have some sort of program. You may be able to attend for a week or two and have only to pay for your supplies and travel!

You may even get free housing! It’s worth a try. Work-study may mean cooking and kitchen duty, depending on the school. Studio Assistantships mean assisting the teacher by making copies and the like.

Not only will you save money, you get an inside view of the school.

(c) Elaine Luther 2007 All Rights Reserved

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