A post on Orchid got me looking around for videos on jewelry. Someone suggested a website that rents how to videos, what a great idea, I thought.

But then an artist who made one of the videos rented on that site let us know that they aren’t paying royalties.

I went to check out the site and the rental price is pretty high. So high that I’d rather buy the DVD and then sell it or donate it to my library when I’m done with it.

So I looked around for more options. Here’s on interesting one.

What’s interesting is that you can preview a clip, and you have choices, you can buy the video, or rent it for different lengths of time. Prices are as low as $1.99. I found only 5 titles related to metalsmithing, but still, it’s a neat option.

I kept looking and found some free videos — bits of shows on DIY network and HGTV.

On HGTV you can view step by step instructions from some shows, such as That’s Clever! and view video clips from the Carol Duvall Show.

DIY Network

If you’ve found a good place to rent, download or view how-to videos on metalsmithing or metal clay, please post a comment!

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