I am not making this up. They really are called booger sticks. What is it? Stonesetters use it to pick up a stone. Diamonds and other stones stick very well to the uh, booger stick.

They are made out of beeswax and generally a little dirt mixed in, just whatever dust a bench jeweler or stonesetter might have in their bench.

If you’ve been having trouble grabbing stones, and haven’t had luck with tweezers, this may be just the trick for you.

Just take a little beeswax — it is sold by jewelry supply houses as a saw lubricant (old school) and in crafts stores for candle making — and warm it in your hand, add your dirt and roll the wax into a little cylinder, tapered at one end.

To use it, just pick up the stone with your uh, wax tool, by placing the wax onto the table (largest, flat facet on top) and place the stone where you want it.

(c) Elaine Luther 2007 All Rights Reserved

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