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Brain Press is the publishing company of Charles Lewton-Brain, prolific author and one of the co-founders of

Now that I think of it, I may own more books by Charles than any other single metalsmithing author.

He was way ahead of the curve in terms of self publishing, and continues to be.

Don’t look for his books on amazon, where you may find one listed for $99.00 as though it is a rare, hard to find, out of print book. Now, just hop over to Charles’s site and buy anything you like. For instant gratification, many of his titles are now available as downloads. But if you like a real, bound book, and the ability to curl up in a comfy chair to read, he’s got those too.

I love all his books, so I won’t list them all. Just pick the topic(s) you want to learn about and go from there.

If you want to preview a book, you can read extensive excerpts at Ganoksin.

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