by Elaine Luther

Lately I had been thinking that I didn’t know what the point was to all the metal clay books. With a couple exceptions, they all seem to cover the same territory. This is what it is, here’s a picture of the tools, yadda, yadda.

I told myself, “Well, come on, there are lots of beginning books on metalsmithing, so it’s okay for there to be lots on metal clay too.”

Often folks on the lists ask, what’s the best book on PMC or metal clay? I love my Tim McCreight book, “Working with Precious Metal Clay” and even thought it’s specifically on Standard PMC, I still think it’s a useful resource.

So, on to this book.

I finally have a, “if you can only buy one book on PMC,” book to recommend.

CeCe covers the basics efficiently, in case this is in fact, the first book you’ve ever seen on the topic. The book is inclusive of both brands, which seems necessary to be taken seriously.

Like all Lark books, it is of course gorgeous.

Metal clay has come a long way, as covered nicely in Tim McCreight’s PMC Decade, another wonderful book. CeCe’s book is the first that I have seen that is comprehensive and completely up to date — all the techniques, all the latest tips that otherwise you could only find on-line — are here.

The “gallery” shots of finished works are sprinkled throughout and many are of works I haven’t seen before. When you read every book and magazine written on the subject (and I try to), you start to see the same pieces over and over.

She even has some techniques, such as “Slip Dip Setting,” that I haven’t heard of before, but will be trying out soon.

The 25 projects are fresh and interesting; many folks will be glad to see they include some enamelling. They also include a cuff bracelet, natural stone fired in place and Keum boo.

A couple of projects replicate a forged look, which I think is silly, why do it when it’s so easy to do in conventional metal? but that’s just a quibble.

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