Journal ImageIn addition to your sketchbook, make an Inspiration Book. Put in anything that catches your eye. Colors in a magazine ad. A drawing of a cloud. A digital snap shot of something you see. A think piece of baked polymer clay. A leaf.

A painting instructor I once took a class who told of her teacher sharing how he was inspired by an oil stain on the ground. She thought, wow, if an oil stain can inspire a painting, anything can. And it’s true, anything can.

If you don’t already have one, get a small digital camera, a really small one that you’d be willing to carry with you all the time. Mine is not so small, but I’m going to start carrying it with me anyway, so I can shoot things that catch my eye, print them out, and put them in my inspiration book.

Buy a quality artist’s sketchbook from a real art supply store. You’re worth it, and so is your work.

This can be a messy book. Just rip stuff out, glue it down, tape it down. Don’t worry about why, or what am I going to do with this? Just put it in there.

Later, when you have some quiet time alone, sit down with your Inspiration Book and your sketch book and see what inspires you. Can you take any of those images and transform them into a jewelry idea?


Copyright 2007 Elaine D. Luther All Rights Reserved

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