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A poster on Orchid asked where/how to find grants to help her finish school and start a business.

Here is my answer:

There aren’t usually grants to help you start a business.

If you are young and mobile, I would suggest doing a number of long residencies, you won’t make much money, but neither will you have any food or housing expenses, for as long as a year.

Research all of them and apply. You would have the tremendous luxury of time to create some great work to enter into contests (and if you win, get prizes and extremely helpful publicity).

Since you are already selling, you should already have a business, so that part is done. Take advantage of all the help from the Small Business Administration and free counseling from SCORE.

If you would like to make getting grants a part of your artist-business plan, then you’ll need to work in a way that supports that, such as:

– doing community work

– doing public art

– doing representational painting, there seem to be quite a number of grants for that

– not making jewelry, but making art that happens to be made out of metal

And, get really good at grant writing. Take a workshop, if possible. My current favorite book on grant writing is here.

To pick up the thread on Orchid and read the original question and other’s answers, here’s the link.

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