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Here on the blog, I have a very strict policy for books and other things I recommend. I only recommend a book if I have actually read it myself and like it.

If I’m telling you about a resource from a trusted source that I haven’t read yet, I disclose that. That’s why I occasionally announce a book, to let you know about it, before I get my own copy.

If the resource is an affiliate parter, I disclose that too.

We are affiliate partners with:

Lunar Pages Web Hosting

We do not accept any paid advertising. The “ads” that you see on the left are affiliate ads, from which I can earn commissions.

There’s another thing that sometimes happens on blogs — maybe you’re not aware of it, I wasn’t until recently — sometimes people pay for placement on a blog. In other words, a company might pay a blogger to write a post about them.

We absolutely do not do that here.

Sites, products, books and tools that I mention, I talk about because I actually like them, have used them, have read them.

Artist Website of the Week and Blog of the Week are chosen just because I like them and feel they have something you can learn from them, or that you might want to buy their jewelry.

Just thought you should know.

Elaine Luther

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