Street Fighter Marketing Solutions: How One-on-One Marketing Will Help You Overcome the Sales Challenges of Modern-Day Business by Jeff Slutsky.

This book is an entertaining read (an entertaining read about direct marketing? Now that’s impressive.) that is persausive and very practical.

Have you heard the line, “I know that 50% of my advertising budget is wasted, but I don’t know which 50%, so I just keep spending.” Jeff would dispute that claim. A large part of the book is convincing you to track which of your advertising and marketing efforts are working, and teaching you how to test and track.

Many of his examples are specifically for local stores, but nearly everything also applies to the handcrafted artist who does shows and/or sells online.

He covers internet marketing in detail and the book is current — released September 2007 — which is crucial for anything internet.

Jeff’s encouraging, persuasive, can-do attitude will have you inspired and ready to make some changes to your marketing program. (or create one!)

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