I expected to like PMC Technic, edited by Tim McCreight. Has he ever written or edited a book that disappointed? (No.) But I really, really, really like it.

I was thrilled to get this book as a Christmas present. The model for the book, Metal Technic, also edited by Tim McCreight, is quite a standard to live up to, and this book does.

It’s great to have a book that documents to the how-to and the best practice for various challenging methods for working in metal clay.

Two of my favorite articles so far are the ones by Jen Kahn and J. Fred Woell, though they are all wonderful.

Even for the techniques that I’m not particularly interested in trying, I’m glad to understand the process and how they work. Especially as a teacher, I like to understand processes and be able to answer questions for students.

I’ll try not to gush too much, but I know that you’ll like this book and it is an essential addition to any metal clay library.

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