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So I mentioned the clearance sale is part of preparing for a website revamp that’s coming. And you may have read in the newsletter that part of my motivation is to change things up so that I have more time to make my own art and to write more.

I won’t keep you in the dark! Here’s what the focus will be after the revamp: texture plates! Our new tagline is

Helping You Make Your Best Impression in Clay

How do we help you do that? Buy manufacturing our fabulous Silicone Texture Plates, of course. And by offering the JustRite Home Stamping Kit plus refills. (Plus more new developments…)

With the new focus on the site, everything will be about texture plates — mine or yours!

We will continue to offer the photopolymer Alphabet Tool and some other favorite tools that are my absolute favorites and are best sellers.

By having a more tightly focused product line, I believe I can continue to be a retailer and still have more time to make more art!

I especially wanted to explain all this to let you know that you will still be able to get your JustRite Home Stamping Kits and refills in the future!

It’s a pretty exciting product and I want to continue to bring that to people.

There’s also a chance of some new designs coming out in Silicone Texture Plates. If you’d like to see that, please post a comment or drop me an email.


P.S. Here’s the link.

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