Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability by Steve Krug.

If you’re working on your website, or you already have one, you need this book.

One of the things he says in the beginning is that he made the book short so that it would be more likely to be used. I finished reading it in a doctor’s waiting room. Of course, he advocates brevity on your website too, so it’s cool that he follows his own advice.

This book will absolutely help you create a better website, or if you’re working with a designer, you’ll understand where they’re coming from.

In one chapter, the author takes a real world website and re-works it, not just once, but multiple times.

Another aspect of web design he covers is testing, including how to test your website for usability on a very small scale.

An all around excellent book for tech and non-tech folks alike.

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