Here’s the start of a series on blogging for artists and jewelers.

I thought I’d start by telling you why I have a blog. It started as an idea to drive more traffic to my main website, Then it sort of grew and grew and took on a life of its own.

Now I continue the blog because it’s fun, it’s a great networking tool for me and it also helps people find my tools site.

I could share some of this information that I post on the blog right on the website, but there are advantages to using the blog platform. It’s easier to publish on a blog, for one, and it’s something that people can handle even they are not super tech-savvy.

Another benefit of using a blog to publish is that it’s a more informal way to publish, and it’s a two way conversation.

And, you can take advantage of blogging search sites to let the world know that you have a new post.

So why would you want to have a blog, as an artist or jeweler?

This is the most important question for you to answer. Why do you want a blog, if you do? What do you want it to accomplish for you? You must answer this question before you commit to taking on a blog.

More on this tomorrow…

In the meantime, check out some of the artist and jeweler blogs in the Resources section, above.

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For even more on blogging, click the “Blogging” category from the list on the left.

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