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by Elaine Luther

I’ve been doing so much writing about the different ways to sell and the various resources to help you, that I’ve gone and encouraged myself!

I’m working on my plan to sell more jewelry this year, sending more work to the shops that carry my jewelry now, working to expand to another shop or two, and perhaps opening an Etsy shop for jewelry.

In the meantime, I decided to open a little Etsy Shop as a Supplier. You can do that, you know.

It was super, duper easy.

No wonder so many people are on Etsy.

Granted, it was easier for me now than it would have been a year ago because I’ve gotten practice from writing the blog, resizing and uploading photos and writing for Squidoo.

I get no kick backs from Etsy, I’m just genuinely amazed at how quick and easy it was to open a little store.

It still needs a bit of work — I need to make a little graphic header with the store name, for instance.

But on the first day it had something like 68 views.

Here’s what really got me though. The one product that’s in my Etsy shop so far, the JustRite Home Stamping Kit — I did a google search for that product and MY Etsy shop, the one that had only existed for like, 2 hours, came up as the 2nd item on google.

My own website (the blog, really) came up 2nd to last on the first page of the google search.

Not bad, but 2nd is much better.

In addition to coming up higher on searches, why else would I bother with an Etsy shop when I already have a fully functional website with shopping cart? Well, for one, I don’t accept PayPal through my own webiste. So if someone wanted to use PayPal, or wanted to use a credit card that I don’t accept, the Etsy shop gives them another choice.

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