by Elaine Luther

Since this is a book for consumers, the end-user of jewelry, you might think it’s odd that I’m recommending it for you, the folks who make the jewelry.

If your business involves selling jewelry, either in a retail store or in your booth at craft shows, this book will help you help your customers.

If I had a retail store, I would sell this book and give it away to customers too as an occasional promotion, or free gift with purchase.

You may know what kind of jewelry looks good on you, but do you know in general, what lengths of necklaces, styles of earrings, etc., are flattering to different face shapes, neck lengths and body type? This book teaches you that.

It’s the kind of information that’s out there for fashion in women’s magazines and how-to-dress books for women, but this kind of guidance has never been created for jewelry, so comprehsively and in one place.

The authors cover the “care, selection and recycling of jewelry,” and they offer education on what the various parts of jewelry are called and warn of dangers people might not be aware of that can seriously damage their jewelry.

If you are a jewelry collector, or aspire to be, this book is a must have. Chapters include Jewelry for Men and Brides to Be (and much more).

The authors area jewelry designer and avid collector of vintage costume jewelry (Cynthia) and a third generation jeweler now running her own marketing firm (Caroline).

Over all, a great book. If you love wearing jewelry, or know someone who does, this book is for them. It would be a great gift for any young women in your family, possibly with one of your pieces of jewelry to start off their collection?

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