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I’ve advocated using self-hosted WordPress for your blog that you use to promote yourself and your art, but I haven’t really told you how to do that.

I’ve happened upon some really helpful (what else?) blogs that give you either step by step instructions on doing it yourself, or affordable options for having it done for you.

This is a bit more technical than perhaps most of my readers are interested in, so this is a ‘bonus’ post, in addition to my regular Mon.-Wed.-Fri.-Sun. posting schedule.

eMoms at Home, an online magazine for home based businesses owned by anyone seeking work/life balance, has a great resources in this post. The article explains the options using a specific company that will install your WordPress for you.

Read the article, “A WordPress Quickstart Guide – WordPress Installation and Hosting,here.

If you’re up to the challenge of installing WordPress yourself, this free ebook gives you step-by-step instructions and makes it look quite manageable. This ebook is specifically about using WordPress to create static webpages, as opposed to a blog, but the installation remains the same.

Download the book, by Caroline Middlebrook, here.

The first step is to make sure your web host supports WordPress, not all of them do. When I added self-hosted WordPress, I had to change web hosts, but I’m just as glad I did since I’m very happy with my new host, Lunar Pages.

If you want to check out Lunar Pages, here’s an (aff.) link.

Lunarpages.com Web Hosting

And finally, if you’re more techy and want more, read Lorelle’s blog on WordPress.

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