Jewelry Selling Answer Book

The Jewelry Selling Answer Book
Expert Answers to the Most Popular Questions Jewelry Makers Have About Selling
by Dr. David Weiman

In the interest of full disclosure, I want to tell you that I’m an affiliate partner for

Luckily, I only recommend books I have actually read and like, whether I’m an affiliate or not.

This book, which is available as an ebook or a paper book is written in an easy-to-find-what- you-want question and answer format.

The author is marketing director for Jewelry Artist and Step by Step Beads.

This book will be particularly helpful if you are complete beginner, but even if you’ve been at this for a while, you still have things to learn from Dr. Weiman.

It’s like having an experienced friend guide you as you enter the business; an older, wiser friend who knows the ropes.

He covers all the important possible venues for selling your jewelry, including shows and online.

Dr. Weiman also offers the Jewelry Seller Newsletter, which is free; Jewelry Selling Insights, a paid subscription monthly newsletter covering “in-depth, the psychology of selling artisan jewelry.”

Check out his introduction to Marketing and Selling Jewelry, and audio CD and workbook, and the new “seminar in a box,” see below.

Who is Dr. David Weiman?

In addition to his work with Jewelry Artist and Step by Step Beads, Dr. Weiman also comes from a family of jewelers, all the way back to his grandfather.

And he’s a licensed psycholgist in Pennsylvania. I think those last two give him an unusual insight into why people buy jewelry. Add his marketing experience, and wow!

The Jewelry Selling Answer Book is NOW in print. Click here to learn more!

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