Do you do indoor shows? How’s your floor?

We went back to the International Quilt Show on Sunday and walked our legs off. We were still there when they turned off the lights and started rolling up the carpet. When they say the show’s over, they mean it! I’ve never closed a show before.

This visit, we managed to hit the shopping section, where I was noticing all the flooring choices in booths.

The best floor was probably at the booth of an international sewing machine company, where they had this foam rubber flooring that looked like a wood floor (if you didn’t look too closely, of course) and the “ahhh” relief factor was noticable. I instantly felt, “Hmm, I like this booth, I think I’ll stay here and shop for a while.” And I’m really not in the market for a $5K sewing machine.

At the opposite end, I entered a fabric booth where I went _from_ the carpet in the aisles to _bare concrete_ in the booth. Ouch! You never want a customer’s first reaction to your booth to be super negative like that. I actually looked down at the floor to see what the problem was.

In between, I saw the foam puzzle matts in kiddie colors, and foam matts with a thin layer of carpet-like stuff on top. Both of those were fine. You might think the kiddie matts were a poor choice, but actually, they were put together in a patchwork, and the booth sold bright, cheerful fabrics, so it actually worked as a flooring choice.

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