Money bag

by Elaine Luther

“Would you still make jewelry if you suddenly became wealthy and didn’t have to sell your jewelry anymore?”

That’s what we blog carnival participants asked ourselves this time.

The answer for me is yes, and in fact, I don’t have to make jewelry now, but I still do.

But it got me thinking about money and creativity.

Amy Dacyczyn, aka The Frugal Zealot, says

“solving your problems with money stunts your creativity.”

I wonder how not having an unlimited budget benefits me by making me be more creative.

An article here, about being gluten free all the time vs. only during Passover has this to say:

“But good similarities, like the stirring of creativity that happens when one must make do when faced with restrictions, exists, too.”

Actually, I think these restrictions nearly always exist when making jewelry with precious metals. The expense of the materials is always a limiting factor. And the time required for metalsmithing is another restriction — the process is so slow, you have lots of time to consider and reconsider.

With PMC, the process is faster, but cost is still relevant.

What would happen if cost were no longer a limiting factor? Would an endless supply of materials ruin me? I’m willing to risk it. : )

Here are the links to see what all these jewelry artists have to say on the topic:

Lora Hart

Kirsten Skiles

Marco Fleseri

Angela Baudel Crispin

Sherri Haab

Tamra Gentry

How about you? How would you deal with sudden wealth and jewelry making? Post a comment and join the carnival! Thanks!

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