Rachel Cave MiniCards

MiniCards $19.99
Buy this on MOO.com

Read Wendy Piersall’s post about Moo and making fun, memorable business cards at their site. I know, most jewelers and artists/craftspeople are more concerned with being taken seriously than with “fun” cards, but for lots of us, there’s probably an appropriate time for these.

Check it out at Sparkplugging.com (formerly eMoms at home).

And, check this out, kind of like an Artist Trading Cards trade, artist-blogger Lelainia Lloyd of Tattered Edge is hosting a Moo card exchange! Check it out at her blog: tatterededge.blogspot.com.

Robyn of Iggy’s Jingles uses the mini cards, with a hole punched, as a tie on with her products. See her etsy store here: Iggyjingles.etsy.com.

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