Here’s a shot taken with my much loved Canon PowerShot A570. We were shooting the learn- to-saw tutorial for, when the camera began to go.

I called Canon the next day, after finding the phone number on their website (in contrast to how some companies hide their phone number.) And the hold message said, “please hold while we connect you to a friendly agent in Virginia.”

I thought it was interesting that they specifically mentioned the U.S. state where the call center is.

And get this — he really was friendly! And helpful! He identified the problem and told me the price of the repair. I can even drop it off in person for repair, which is cool.

I’ve been without a camera for over a week now, which for a blogger, is tough. It reminds me of my old car, when the horn broke. My aunt said, “Your horn breaking in Chicago — that’s like having your tongue cut out.”

Doing without a real camera, I’ve had to finally learn how to get pictures out of my phone — it turns out to be astonishingly easy (USB cable).

Here’s a picture taken with my phone at a friend’s house. This is what happens in Chicago if you don’t put the hammock away for the winter:

For another low-megapixel shot, of the BronzClay bits, fired, see the Jewelry and Beading blog, here:

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