Art history is an interest of mine, and in particular I’m interested in women artists. I’m working on a series of Squidoo Lenses on women artists. So far I’ve published:

Frida Kahlo:

Paula Modersohn-Becker:

And a related one:

Learn Art History:

There will be more, each one on a woman artist. I’ll also have a “Lensography,” or a Lens that lists a group of Lenses, that will list all my art history related Lenses. I’ll post the link to that one when they’re all done!

If you haven’t seen my jewelry related Squidoo Lenses, please see the Resources page, there are links to all of them there.

Why so many Squidoo Lenses? I’m working on my goal to become a Giant Squid. (What’s a Giant Squid? A Lensmaster with 50 or more Lenses.)

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