I simply love the book Wishcraft, by Barbara Sher, and I’ve learned it’s going to be reprinted for a 30th anniversary edition!

The system I use for writing up goals, I think I got it from Wishcraft. It’s an inspiring book, and different from most “self-help” books. I put that in quotes because it’s such a completely different kind of book.

I just made a Barbara Sher Squidoo Lens, and here are some of the links to her site that I included in the Lens:

Official Website:


Read letters to Barbara about how Wishcraft has affected people’s lives.

Submit your picture of yourself with your copy of Wishcraft:

Success Teams Site:

Genius Press: Listen to Barbara’s Blog Talk Radio here.

“Genius Press is dedicated to showing you how to do what you love. Here you will find information about her latest releases and purchasing items such as cd-roms, audio files, books, videos, teleclasses, etc.”


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