Ferris Wheel

My favorite, natch, is Art Jewelry, and not just because I write for them. They publish good stuff. I like the projects, the articles, and the mix of techniques. Even if you’re an experience metalsmith or metal clayer, they have advanced projects to challenge you.

If you subscribe, you get free online bonuses too!


Here are more of my recommendations:

I like Ornament magazine, though I haven’t subscribed in years, for inspiration and a different angle on things — not just jewelry, but historical information, handmade clothing, and more.

For learning about doing shows and crafts business info, The Crafts Report, of course.

Those are all magazines you probably know about. One that you might not, is Art Calendar, which features not only listings for gallery shows, competitions, residencies and more, but also really good articles.

They have a different take on ways to make it as artist. If you’re looking for business models other than doing craft shows, Art Calendar is the way to go.

Both Steve Meltzer, photographer, and Jack White, straight talkin’ artist, are columnists.

Check out the Art Calendar website for access to free listings and posts, but it’s worth subscribing to the paper version too.

For another jewelry blogger’s take on favorite publications, visit:

Tonya Davidson

Tamra Gentry

Lora Hart

Kirsten Skiles

Marco Fleseri

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