Here’s a list of the free resources online on working with and firing BronzClay.

Video: Getting Started with BronzClay, by Tonya Davidson

How to Talk to Your Kiln, by Hadar Jacobson

Mardel at Cool Tools has posted some terrific summaries of how to work with, fire, and dry BronzClay, 16 pages in all. Very helpful. They can be found in the Files section of the Metal Clay Gallery yahoo group, or at cooltools.us.

Combining PMC and Bronze Clay, by Sabine

Free pdf on BronzClay at yourriogrande.com

See inventor Bill Struve’s presentation at PMC-Conference.com go to Tech Resources, 2008.

Two books on patinas on base metals, including bronze: http://creativetexturetools.com/news

How BronzClay is different from PMC and Art Clay, by me

Want to see some completed work? Start here:

Flickr Pool for BronzClay: http://www.flickr.com/groups/bronzeclay

And this post, BronzClay Round Up, has links to some individual artist’s sites:


A BronzClay Flickr pool round up is here:

Have I missed a great resource? If you’ve published one, or know of one, please post a comment and share it with everyone!

Or, if you prefer, you can email it to me at suggest a link (at) gmail.


P.S. What’s with the picture? Why it’s a cattle round up, of course.

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