Ah, disasters, mistakes…why do we keep asking questions like these? Here goes.

In my second jewelry apprenticeship, one of the “girls” in the office gave me a little job — soldering a jump ring closed on a charm on a charm bracelet. The charm was a little man with colorful clothes on, from a trip she’d taken.

I went over the job with the master jeweler, and soldered the jump ring on. That’s when things went wrong. The little man’s clothes went up in flames. Yep, burned right off. Turns out his clothes were colored paper, with a bit of glue or something over the top. (I suppose we thought it was enamel. It was a long time ago and I’ve tried to block it out!)


How did I save it? Luckily, I happened to own the Rio Grande Colores epoxy resin kit. I mixed the colors up to match the burned up clothes, and filled the charm’s clothes sections with the colored resin. Better than new!

And no, I didn’t get paid for soldering the jump ring closed.

How about you? Want to unload your tale of woe? Feel free to post it in the comments!

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