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Successful handcrafted jewelry sellers understanding how a buyers’ values and motivations lead to strong and long-term connections.

And you can develop profitable, long-term relationships with clients, too, if you’re not already enjoying them. As mentioned above, your existing customers are your best source of business and of referrals. Here are some questions you can ask your current clients to get a better sense of what they value in their experience with you:

1. Why did you buy from me?

Some people feel silly asking this question. I don’t. I ask my clients this all the time, and I have never had someone refuse to answer.

2. What did you like most about the exchange we had?

Asking them what they liked “most” results in them prioritizing what was most critical in the exchange. It’s the one thing they valued the most about the interaction.

3. Was there one thing that made more of a difference than any other in your decision to buy?

For example, was it expertise you have, or a design quality? What was the one thing that seemed to make the biggest difference? The answers will help you understand the “logical” side of their choice.

Bonus Question: If you know the person referred other clients to you, you should ask what he or she said to that referred buyer. Knowing how current clients get others to buy from you is critical to learning how to market yourself.

I’ve learned a lot from asking this question of clients who have referred others to me. In fact, it has changed how I market myself in some areas, because the referring client’s words were so powerful and effective.

Learn more about the motivation and values of your customers, and why they enjoy buying from you. Keep asking and keep learning. When you apply what you know, your business will keep growing. And you will, too.

About the Author: Dr. David Weiman, “the Jewelry Marketing Doctor,” is a psychologist and internationally-known expert on marketing and selling handmade artisan jewelry. He is also the marketing director for Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Step by Step Beads, and Step by Step Wire Jewelry. His new book, 101 More Great Jewelry Selling Techniques, is available — along with many other books and tools for selling handcrafted jewelry — at http://www.MarketingJewelry.com where you can also sign up for his free “Jewelry Seller” e-newsletter.


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