There is more and more good info. out now, free and in pdf form. If you like to have your facts on paper, here’s a list of some must have pdfs on BronzClay as well as Hadar’s Powder form clays.

Start with the manufacturer/distributor: Rio Grande has a pdf, Welcome to BronzClay here: http://www.bronzclay.com

Hadar Jacobson has complied many of her posts into one pdf, there’s a ton of information. Even if you’re not using Hadar’s Clay (TM), you can still learn a lot from this booklet. Her firing instructions are extremely helpful. If you’ve been having problems with incomplete sintering, this may solve your problems.

Read it here: http://artinsilver.com/Manual-new.pdf

If you’re confused about the many, many different ways people are firing the base metal clays, reading Marco Fleseri’s report on his experiments will help clear things up.


Find details on those here: http://creativetexturetools.com/news

For even more resources, see the last round up: http://creativetexturetools.com/news

Have I missed any great information? What’s your favorite resource on the base metal clays? Please post a comment, thanks!

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