Tamra wrote a post a while ago, called, “Do you look?” about how much you look at other jeweler’s work vs. trying not to look, so as to keep yourself from being accidentally influenced.

I try not to look, for that reason. I do however, look at photographer’s work, and I realized this week that there’s one artist whose work I look at nearly every day, and that’s the photographer at Daily Dose of Imagery.

One thing I’ve been meaning to share with you about his work is his titles. See, his titles tell you where to look, what he was looking at, why he took the picture. I like that. No art speak, no goofy titles, just something like, “yellow lines, red car.”

Here are some recent pictures to check out, to see what I mean:

Natural Light

Walkway and Bricks


He’s also got some handy tools on his site now, you can send a picture as an e-card (it’s free), or easily buy a print. He’s using FotoMoto, looks pretty handy, for any of you photographers looking for an easier way to sell, that’s integrated into your site.

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