One of the great things about BronzClay is that it gives you a new option for the fathers and other men in your life — men who maybe don’t wear jewelry.

Here’s a quick how-to on making keychains. For the fish keychain, above, I used a mold from Milky Way Molds, a company that makes soap and candle molds.

What’s really cool about their “stamp” style molds, which come on a wooden handle, about three inches long, is that they’re dimensional, not just flat.

After applying a barrier cream to my hands, I rolled my BronzClay out to 6 playcards thick, stamped the image, and then used a standard tissue blade to cut out the shape. I used brass tube/cutter tools to make a hole for the jump ring, and while I was at it, I cut out a little hole for the fishy’s eye.

After drying the piece for days in the fridge, I fired it, buried in carbon, inside a stainless steel container with lid, to 1516 for 3.5 hours, after ramping up at speed 1. (Speed one for my kiln is 200 degrees an hour, it may be 250 for your kiln.)

For the brass colored jump ring and split ring (the key ring part) — I picked up the supplies at Michael’s.

I’ve been using this keychain every day, and it’s holding up great. And I love always having a piece of BronzClay on me to show people.

That’s it! Quick and easy, and kids can do it! I’ve done two classes in BronzClay with kids and they’ve all done really well.

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Find Milky Way Molds here:

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