Lorena Angulo is a Mexican metal clay artist living in Texas whose work is influenced by her Mexican heritage. Above is one of her calaveras, or skulls in the style of El Dia de los Muertos. Below, here’s a view of her flickr set of a number of calaveras, including shots of them before they were fired, which is so interesting to see, you really get a sense of how they were made.

Having never seen calaveras done in BronzClay before, or any metal clay for that matter, I was drawn into Lorena’s flickr page, where I felt like I got to know her by touring her studio:

and her work bench:


She wrote on her blog about Dia de Muertos,

“Mexico is a country with a lot of colors, with wonderful traditions and a culture that it is transmitted from generation to generation. I have been out of my country for more than 10 years and my two kids were born in the USA. I have always talked to them about my country and my traditions and we celebrate a lot of them here.

The Day of the dead, Dia de Muertos, is a celebration that brings me to my childhood in Chiapas, Mexico. I remember I was never scare of it because we learned to respect dead and celebrate the continuation of life every day. We celebrate and remember the family members that pass away by honoring them with happiness about the wonderful life they had.

This wonderful tradition is very old in my country, when the Spanish came to my country they tried to convert the native indigenous to a new religion and new ways of living but they could not make them stop celebrating Dia de Muertos.

Originally Dia de Muertos was celebrated for a whole month in the end of July and beginning of August, when the Catholic priests saw they could not stop them from celebrating this day they decided to moved it to only two days to coincide with their own “All saints and all souls day” in November 1st and 2nd.

All this incredible memories have inspired me to make “Calaveras” in my work. I really enjoy designing them and then making them came alive in silver, bronze or copper.
I love to show my kids my Calaveras and they like them a lot.
They are my biggest fans and this creates an opportunity to talk to them about the day of the dead. Keeping my tradition alive from generation to generation!”

I asked Lorena how she got started in jewelry making. She said:

When I moved to live to San Antonio in 2002 I decided to open my own business promoting hand crafted art from Mexico and various countries.

Having that close of a connection with so much beautiful work made me start looking for a school where I could learn how to make my own designs in metal. I started taking classes at the South West School of Art and Craft in San Antonio in the metals department.

Claire Holliday, a wonderful jeweler and teacher, was in charge of the department and she was my first teacher in metals and she introduced me to metal clay almost a year later and since that day I have not stop making my work mostly with metal clays. I have been making jewelry with metal clay since 2006.

For her fabulous use of flickr as a promotional tool, Lorena’s flickr page is our site of the week winner and can display the award badge on her sites and blog page!

And congrats to her for having work selected for this year’s PMC Annual.

Read Lorena’s blog here: http://blog.lorenaangulo.com

Visit her etsy shop here: PuebloFolkArt

Here’s her website: http://www.lorenaangulo.com where you can see what a great job she’s done integrating social media into her site.

All photographs and work depicted are (c) 2009 Lorena Angulo All Rights Reserved

Reprinted here with permission.

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