Do you know Print Gocco? It’s this super cool Japanese thermal silkscreen machine that I talked about in this previous post: The Business Benefits of Silkscreen.

Sadly, the Riso Gocco Corporation has discontinued the Print Gocco in the US, and supplies will dry up soon. For Gocco fans everywhere, the choices were: stockpile those screens and flashbulbs, or give up. I searched for an alternate source of flashbulbs, but couldn’t find one.

I pondered buying a Thermofax machine, or its modern equivalent. A used Thermofax runs about $400.00, last time I checked. It makes screens, like the Gocco does, but does not use flash bulbs, it has re-usable bulbs that last a while but are expensive.

Now there’s a new choice out there: the Yudu. Now, the Yudu is primarily a T-shirt printer, while the Gocco is primarily a card printer that can also be used to print fabric.

The screen making process is not as simple as with the Gocco, but then nothing is. Given the options out there though — including (gasp) learning to silkscreen the old fashioned way — it seems easy, clean and affordable. Yudu uses re-usable lightbulbs and costs $299.00 for the machine.

The screens cost more than the Gocco screens, but they’re larger and it says, reusable.

Check out their site for loads of video and text tutorials, you can really get a sense of the machine and how it works. http://www.whatdoyudu.com

Thanks to CRAFT, which mentioned Yudu in a post.

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