Today’s topic is about those misused terms, such as faux mokume-gane and “cold enamel” when it’s really resin. Now, I don’t like to be a complainer, so I figure I’ll use this space to clarify what those things really are.

Here’s the link to the wikipedia entry on mokume-gane, and here’s the link to James Binnion’s site: http://www.mokume-gane.com.

You may remember a while ago, when Tamra Gentry posted a photo series on making a mokume billet. Here’s the slide show she made, plus a link to more:

_(Sorry, slide show no longer exists.)_

We’re all so lucky that Tamra’s a photographer in addition to being a metalsmith. If you’ve wondered how mokume gane billets are made, Tamra’s put together an awesome slideshow.
See more mokume pictures, including finished pieces, at Tamra’s blog: http://gentrydesignco.typepad.com/jewelrydesignchronicles.

Lora Hart

Lorrene Davis

Tamra Gentry

Angela Crispin

Marco Fleseri

Andes Cruz

Tonya Davidson

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