Here they are! My first rings for Ring-a-Week! I have some warm-up rings and then my “real” rings. Disclaimer: they’re done, but not polished all the way, just a quick tumble. I’ll post them again when they’re really finished, in terms of the polish.

This is actually a leftover bracelet link, but I looked at it and thought, hey, that could be a ring. It’s the kind of thing I might use in a pinch for Ring-a-Day. But since this is Ring-a-Week, not good enough.

But it did make me think of doing this:

Now, on to the PMC rings. This first one I made by making a washer and then turning that into a ring.

And another view:

And another ring, made by adding this topper I’ve had sitting on my bench for months to a simple band.

Here’s another view:

And I could have posted just one ring, but the idea is to be pushed to make more and more, so I didn’t want to cheat by holding back a ring to use for next week.

Next week’s ring is half done!

I’m having lots of fun, I hope you’ll consider joining Ring-a-Week, it’s not too late!

Check out Ring-a-Week at flickr:

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