Over on Crafthaus, Susan Breen Silvy writes:

Metal Clay is a dramatic and totally new direction in the ancient art form of metal working. Metal clay is comprised of microscopic particles of metal mixed with an organic binder and water. The resulting material has the feel and working texture of modeling clay, allowing artists to manipulate metal in ways that are unique to this material. When fired in a kiln the binder and water burn off and the microscopic particles of metal fuse leaving behind an object of pure metal. Originally only available in silver and gold, recent advancements in powdered metals have led to the introduction of bronze, steel and copper clays, keeping this new medium moving forward at a very brisk pace.

For fifteen years, artists have been experimenting with metal clay to understand the potential and limitations of this new artistic medium and are now producing wonderful works of art. For the first time in thousands of years a new chapter in the world of metal working has been created; metal can be molded and carved like clay, fired with gemstones in place, fired to glass and ceramic glazes, extruded, mixed together to create a bi-metal or tri-metal piece and impressed with textures and designs.

This exhibition will embrace the unique personality that metal clay brings in the form of jewelry, vessels, functional and decorative objects.

Jurors are Ann Davis, Jeanette LeBlanc and Gywnne Rukenbrod.

Deadline is March 1, 2011 for this online exhibition.

Complete details here:


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