I wrote here about how much I love basecamp:


and now I’ve added to that with an app called Remember the Milk.

There’s also a web based version of it if you don’t have an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android phone. (It’s free!)

I looked at a ton of to do list apps before choosing this one, it’s delightfully simple — I don’t want to get bogged down — spending so much time on my to do list app that I can’t get my actual work done. One of the nice features is that you can email a to do list item to yourself. This is cool, say your working on emails, you remember a to do list item — you can just email it to Remember the Milk and it will create the to do for you — you’ve just added an item without having to switch gears or devices.

In addition to checking the to do list on my iTouch, Remember the Milk also sends me occasional emails to remind me to do things. While many of these same to dos are also on basecamp, I’m finding that seeing the reminders over and over again: “send in entry to this gallery show,” is keeping the task in the front of my mind and helping me get it done.

I’m a little slow, maybe, to catch on to all the wonders technology has to offer, maybe you knew this already? But in case you didn’t, it’s pretty cool. Here’s the link:


And, speaking of getting things done, Luanne Udell has a great post called Training Cats to Drink Water, please go read it and then come back, we’ll talk about it. : )

Ya back?
Great post, huh?

So my story that I’ve been telling myself is that I can’t have my artist website up until I finish the third medal in my series of medals. (there have to be three, otherwise it’s not a series, right?)

And somehow, this third medal became the hardest piece in the world to fix. I needed parts. I needed epoxy remover. I didn’t have the space to silkscreen. I ran out of screens. See? ‘Cause if I finished the piece, my excuse for not having my website up would be gone.

Well, I did use my last screen, I did finally try to burn that screen, didn’t work. Really strange failure. But! Thank goodness for crafty friends! A friend spotted me the needed filter and a screen. I’m gonna finish that piece this week, come heck or high water.

And then, well, I guess I’ll have to have my artist site done. ‘Cause I won’t have an excuse not too.

Image from the stock xchange http://www.sxc.hu

Photo by Davide Guglielmo.

Update: it’s done! See the picture and the post about it here:


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