I found out about Timothy Adam’s book How to Make Money on Etsy via his blog, Handmadeology.

Though I’ve had an Etsy shop before (I used to have a supplier shop), I figured, as I gear up to sell jewelry on Etsy, why not save time and get the book?

Published this year, the book is up to date. That sounds silly, but books about technology age quickly. This one is still fresh.

The primary thing you get from this book that I don’t think you get from the many other books on the subject is he covers the importance of and how to do effective SEO (search engine optimization) and tagging. These are both really important to how your items show up on searches.

In addition to discussing his own experience as a seller, he interviews other successful sellers. My one quibble with the book is that he quotes these sellers through out the book, then reprints the entire interview with each seller in the back of the book, including those quotes, giving me a strange sense of deja-vu.

Screen shots for how-tos are included, but just the right amount, just enough to give you the idea.

Overall, I think this is a helpful book for anyone wishing to sell on Etsy, if you don’t have a shop yet, this will help you start out right, and if you already have a shop, you can learn how to improve how your items come up in searches.

In addition, he covers other types of promotion, including using Facebook and blogging.

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