You might think, why on earth would I buy a book of Ring a Day, the flickr challenge group of 2010, when I can just go to flickr and look for free?

Partly, because the book is easier to look at! By curating Ring a Day, or RAD, editor Martha Le Van has made it easier to enjoy the whole project, which can be overwhelming.

I didn’t participate in RAD — I found out about it too late and one a day was too much for me, but follow RAD an d I did do Ring a Week in 2011.

Participating in Ring a Week, or RAW, I met lots of people on line and had the camaraderie of participating in a crazy challenge with fellow jewelers.

A huge bit of fun is going through the RAD book and spotting friends or favorite rings that I recognize from online. A number of names you know from the metal clay world are in the book, including Angela Baduel-Crispin, Lora Hart and Lorena Angulo.

The creativity that’s caused by having to do the same thing over and over and over again is evident in the book. Even the crazy “cheat” days (I think of them as cheat days, they aren’t really, according to the rules of the challenge) where the ring is conceptual, or temporary and not “made” in the traditional craft sense — may result in a “real” ring another day. The discipline of the daily practice pays off.

The Ring a Day book is a wonderful way to bring that home to yourself and hopeful it will inspire you to join a flickr challenge!

(a current challenge is Four a Month.)

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