The Doll Project show is up at Flourish Studios in Chicago. It’s photography by Tiffany Gholar featuring dolls in little scenes she’s set up. The themes are about messages society gives to young girls. I just saw the show today and I love it.

Along with the show, there’s an installation of the words You Are Beautiful, it’s a thing you know, there’s a You Are Beautiful movement – you can read about it here.

Fifteen artists were selected to make a letter. I got to make the letter E. Here it is, upside down and just primed:

Here it is finished:

I felt like part of Sesame Street today, driving a giant letter E to the gallery. (Today was brought to you by… the letter E!)

It’s mixed media acrylic on wood with sewing patterns tissue paper. Did I mention I’ve taken up painting?

If you’re in Chicago, I definitely recommend the show, which is up April 11th to May 9th. Full details here.

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