Image of Whoa sign by Bruce Brouwer

I’m still thinking about that question, discussed in this post, about how to find/make time to make art.

Saying No Helps.

I haven’t read this book, “How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty: And Say Yes to More Time, and What Matters Most to You,” but I think the title says it all. Find it here:

This cutting back the non-essentials is an almost constant theme for me. Or maybe it’s an ebb and flow. I quit things, I pare back, but then responsibilities creep back in. For me, the biggest area I’ve been cutting back on is volunteer work. I’ve now gotten it down to this requirement: I’ll only volunteer when it’s for an activity that directly benefits my kids (and that’s limited to ones the I’m already committed to).

Women, in general, seem to have more trouble saying no and protecting their time than men do, so this post by Luann Udell, seems appropriate. It’s about how being a “good girl” may not lead to being a great artist. Read that here:

What do I think the keys are, to making time for making art?

You’ve got to want it, want it bad. Want the art making enough to make sacrifices.

You’ve got to handle your fear. Whatever holds you back, you’ve got to identify it and kill it. Slay those dragons!

That’s it.

As they say in the old iMac commercials, “There’s no step three!”

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