Golden mic by Moi Cody

Recently I’ve discovered two wonderful podcasts and was so excited to share them with you. Then both of the turned out to be no longer in production!

They’re still worth listening to, even though there won’t be any more episodes.

The first podcast that I discovered is Art Heros by John T. Unger. John interviews experts in their fields and asks great questions. There are only about six episodes, but they’re worth listening to.

The second podcast is the Art Marketing Podcast by Alyson Stanfield, the ArtBizCoach Since I started listening to them in reverse, the very first one said, “This will be the last podcast.” Oh no!

I suppose I could have caught that, had I noticed the year. There are a couple of year’s worth of podcasts to listen to from Alyson.

Both podcasts can be found on iTunes.

How about you? Do you have a favorite business podcast to recommend? Please post a comment, thanks!

Photo credit: Moi Cody on the stock xchng

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