Elaine Luther Collage of Successes 2012-2013

I’ve been binge-listening to the Art Biz Coach, Alyson Stanfield’s podcasts and in one of them — it was a December or January one — she talks about the value of pausing to take stock, to celebrate your successes, lest you lose track of them.

We’ve had some serious set backs around here, including a yucky basement flood that caused a lot of damage, including sentimental things that were beyond saving, to mention just one. I have a lot of sentimental things. Had.

I’ve had a pretty amazing 12 months, but that can be easy to forget sometimes. I want to remind myself. So I made this little collage (above) showing some of the places where I’ve given speeches this past year, or taught a workshop, been in a show, the cover of my new book and the profile on JCKonline. I just printed the pictures, cut them out, set them on a piece of card stock and laminated them. (What, you don’t have a laminator?)

Here are a couple more pictures of wonderful things from the past year or so:

Flourish, CASL, train pictures from Elaine Luther

Those are: the You Are Beautiful show at Flourish, featuring my giant letter E; participants last summer at the Chinese American Service League, and a photo of a train, representing my commitment to taking more photos.

What’s not shown in the pictures, but something that’s behind each image, is the relationships with the people connected to each event — the wonderful book cover designer, the photographer who took my picture that ran in JCKonline, the fellow teaching artists at Woman Made Gallery, the terrific folks at the organizations that have had me out to speak, the gallery owners. Being reminded of those relationships is a real boost too.

That reminds me — in the podcasts, she also asks, who have you mentored this past year? Who has mentored you? I’ve got both of those too!

I’ve just put these collages up at my desk, where I have assorted inspirational quotes above and around my desk. I have a collage my daughter made that says “Never Give Up,” and a pictograph list of the products I’m working on rolling out. And the mini poster “But there is this gap,” from Ira Glass.

How about you? I’d love to hear about your successes! What are you so proud of from this past year? What’s your favorite inspirational quote? What’s taped up to the wall behind your desk?

Update, 6/5/13: After a few days, I put these aside. While I’m glad I made them, the collages were a distraction from being forward thinking. I’ll keep them, just not at my desk.

Another update: I like the ArtBizCoach and Art Biz Blog so much, I joined their affiliate program! That means if you click on the link above, I’ll earn a small commission. I only join an affiliate program when I truly believe in the product, and I do!

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