The other night I got to go to a talk by one of the Etsy Seller Team programmers. One of the hottest tips of the night was that they’ve added Market Research to Etsy. You’ll only see it if you’re logged in as a seller and it’s a little hard to find right now, but they’re working on that.

It allows you to put in a keyword or description and then see what percentage of items like that sold in various price points.

Isn’t that cool? It’s one thing to see what other sellers are offering for sale, but seeing what kinds of price points actually resulted in sales, that’s really useful.

Another tip I took note of was the side by side comparison of a shop before and after. In the before shot, the jewelry had been shot on a variety of backgrounds. In the after shot, every single piece was shot on the same (white) background. The overall effect of that on the shop was that the shop looked so cohesive and it was so much easier to focus on the product.

While I knew that, it was neat to see the side by side. It makes the case really clear.

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