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You know those tasks you hate doing, that bog down your process? One of the ones I dislike is creating those slide sheets with thumbnail images of each piece of artwork/jewelry that I’m submitting to a show.

I wouldn’t mind if I just had to create the sheet once, but every show requires a different grouping of work and I have to create a new sheet.

I kept asking all my tech friends, isn’t there software that would automate this? And if not, would you write one for me?

At last, Corey Ehmke found one! It’s called Contact Page, confusingly. Contact Page makes me think of a sheet of contacts, as in the names and info. for people.

What it does is create something like a Contact Sheet — what photographers create in the darkroom when they print a sheet of negatives by placing them in contact with the photo paper.

I had a reason to used it yesterday as I worked to apply for something on a deadline. Here’s what you do: create a folder, export your photos from iPhoto into a folder.

Open Contact Page and tell it, yes, these photos in this folder. It grabs those photos and creates a thumbnail sheet of them.

But wait, there’s more! If you’ve used the description and titles features in iPhoto, Contact Page will pull that info. in too!

And you can customize what info. you want it to pull in from iPhoto.

Then you have a choice of formats you’d like your sheet output into. There’s InDesign, Pages, pdf and Quark Express.

Once you export your sheet to the software of your choice, you can edit those captions further if you want!

And the sheet is gorgeous and perfectly formatted!

It’s super easy to use and I swear I’ll never miss another deadline with this software!

It’s $9.99 and available in the app store.

Maybe you’re better at Photoshop or InDesign than I am and you don’t need this software, but even so, it would save you time.

I hate learning new software, but there was no learning curve with this. It was super easy.

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