An artist friend commented that it seems to work this way: you spend some time immersed in making the art, then you come up for air and work on getting it out there.

This week, as I follow Helga’s at home residency, I’m loving seeing how she creates her own experience. I love the structure and challenges she’s created for herself.

I also noticed that she’s doing a terrific job of working alone. (See what she did on Day Four.)

This month I attempted a project working alone — I have a new blog at ElaineLutherArt.com but haven’t yet found my blogging voice over there. I’ve been blogging here since 2007 and it’s easy to write here because I’m writing for you — I post things that will hopefully interest, inspire and be helpful.

The other blog aspires to have an audience of potential collectors, as opposed to fellow artists, and I haven’t figured out what to write about yet.

Partly to have something to blog about, I challenged myself to a 30 day challenge of making one small (8″ x 8″) collage painting a day. I’d done the Ring-a-Week challenge and this didn’t seem like such a big deal. Just 30 days.

In just 10 days, I discovered that 8″ x 8″ is really small. Having finally worked out painting large — 24″ x 36″ — I found it really difficult to go back down.

Another problem was that when I did Ring-a-Week, there was community on flickr. I have fellow travelers along the path and encouragement. On this one, I was completely alone — no blog comments, because it’s a new blog, no flickr group.

So that was a mistake. I realized challenges are more fun with a group.

While I’m not a quitter, after 10 days I pulled the plug on the challenge. I realized that I’m not a quick worker (at least with paint) and I do better work when I have time to reflect and ponder.

And, I had some real deadlines to meet that the challenge was interfering with.

I knew it was the right decision when I felt so relieved that I’d called it off.

While I haven’t been talking much about making jewelry lately, I am still working with metal. After some time completely away from jewelry, I’ve circled around and come back to it. I’m finalizing a line to wholesale to stores.

And I’m making my series of “Medals you wouldn’t want to earn,” with BronzClay. (Every time I think the series is done, I make another one.)

This meandering post is to let you know that I’ve noticed that a number of the posts lately have been about software (one more coming up, you’re going to love it!) and other seemingly off-topic things, and it’s a phase, I promise.

I’m in that phase of applying for things, doing the business side, slightly less in the making things phase, and the blog posts are reflecting that.

Photo credit: Joanna Vidad

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