At meetings of local craftspeople and artists, the questions always come up about managing social media. How do you use it? Which ones should you use?

This morning I’m thinking about folks at the meeting, what would help them. We don’t have to be experts in everything, but we should know who to turn to for answers. Here are my top resources, the sites and experts that I check in with when I have questions:

Twitter Guide
HubSpot is a marketing company that markets itself with terrific guides for businesses. They explain how to use various social media outlets in clear terms. They write tons of concise reports on specific topics. Here’s their page on twitter.

Social Media in General


Copyblogger is the big one. Could be overwhelming, but good stuff there.

Lorelle on WordPress is terrific.

Facebook help

For facebook questions, I turn to allfacebook.

What did I miss? Who’s your go-to person?

Graphic by Sparky Firepants.

P.S. You can find me on twitter at @ElaineLuther

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