Color Study 1, Ox-Bow, by Elaine Luther

Color Study 1, Ox-Bow, by Elaine Luther

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You know how sometimes there’s something you’ve never heard of and then suddenly it’s popping up all over the place? That just happened to me with this idea of a color study.

Before I left for my week-long class in metal casting at Ox-Bow, an art book I was reading (it’s from the library and I turned it in, I’ll see if I can find it again and I’ll post the title and author) talked about doing a walk around your neighborhood, taking pictures as you went.

Then you come back and make a simple collage (digital or paper), and then use those colors in your artwork. A way of showing the essence of a place. Or finding a way to express the experience of a place when you hadn’t known how.

Then I got to Ox-Bow School of Art and the natural dye teacher, Pamela Feldman, in her artist talk, showed us her color studies from specific places. She takes her photos from a specific place, uses those as she creates the natural dyes and then creates weavings using fibers dyed with those dyes.

That got me thinking about taking photos at Ox-Bow, with just color in mind. While I also captured the landscape, this mosaic shows some of the bright man-made colors there.

In the next post I’ll share a mosaic of the more natural side of things.

What about you? Have you ever done a color study? Do you think you could take this idea and apply it to jewelry?

Update: 8/20/13: I left out the most important color! Here’s a picture of the crucible during a bronze pour.

Bronze Pour at Ox-Bow

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