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I’m just back from the amazing Zoom Conference, hosted by University of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana.

This is the introduction to a series of posts. Here’s the line up of speakers and teachers:

Arthur Hash
Charon Kransen
Jillian Moore
Catarina Mota
Stephen Saracino
Dr. Will Byrd
Nicole Jacquard
Linda Hughes
Rowland Ricketts

The students of the metals guild at IU attended a metals ymposium at East Carolina State University and were so inspired that they came home and got to work immediately on planning their own.

They put together a really impressive event, with nine (!) high quality exhibitions, you can read about those here, and I’ll be posting some pictures from the exhibitions.

While the students created and ran the event, I could also see the power of having an institution behind your efforts: university staff were also tremendously involved and supportive and the high quality graphics from the professional they worked with no doubt contributed to the overwhelming response to their opening registration!

The response was so great, that they added additional programming for the late-to-register.

What made this conference so wonderful?

An unusually diverse line up of speakers, in terms of age, methods that they work in, country of origin.

The exhibitions were similarly diverse and included an attendee exhibition, which was terrific. When you met someone, you could connect them with their work that you’d seen in the show.

The ambitious title was Zoom: The Future of Craft. I don’t think we settled the matter, but the conversation was terrific and it’s a conversation that needs to be happening.

In upcoming posts, I’ll share more pictures and more about what the presenters spoke about.

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